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Galacticide (Book 3)

Galacticide (Book 3)

No cause. No effect. Causality stops and reality shatters.

Kel Chaada believed to have beaten the extra-galactic menace when rigged AI cores blew the Võmémééř’s galactic realm apart. Sheltered from the explosions, the alien Brood Mother survived, mourning billions of her children, burning with vengeance.

One breeding couple is all it takes to re-build an army, but the Brood Mother’s target is neither Kel, nor space fleets: It is reality itself. No universe hostile to the Mother’s children shall remain.

Imprisoned for old crimes, his only child gone missing in a military coup at home, Kel Chaada witnesses his world crumble, the very fabric of existence tearing. Even if he escaped, how could he fight a raging alien mother capable of destroying the multiverse?


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