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Sya Omga, Queen and High Priestess of an interstellar empire, is the main antagonist in Bert-Oliver Boehmer's science fiction novel Three Immortals.


Interstellar realms, exotic aliens, religious machines, epic space battles.

Award winning, a decade in the making—why is it free?

If you made it here, chances are high you are a classic sci-fi fan. My books are written for you. I invite you to journey through the Galacticide universe, starting with my debut novel Three Immortals, as a free eBook download. The story is complete (no cliffhanger ending), but is part of a larger story arc if you decide to stay (and to read my sequel novels...)

What reviewers say

The alien landscape of the planet Prral, one of the many planetary locations in the Galacticide science fiction universe.

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