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Dark Cascade

Dark Cascade

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Dark Cascade continues the Galacticide story arc, blending distant future space opera, military sci-fi and high concept fiction. The story follows the events from the award-winning novel Three Immortals.


Every delay costs a world. Billions perish when raider ships peel off planetary crusts to feed their galactic civilization.


Kel Chaada had united humans, machines and silicate aliens, but the hyper-tech invaders push the shaky coalition of former enemies to its breaking point. Kel has to work against his friends, ally with his sworn enemies, and strike where no one could foresee: The raider’s home galaxy.


The desperate plan is bold, but cruel. Kel realizes he will become what he is fighting against: a destroyer of civilizations.


He rushes across the inter-galactic void on a stolen enemy ship, riding a derelict warp bubble, piloted by zealous AIs with their own agenda. Can Kel’s small crew succeed where all space fleets failed?

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