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Three Immortals

Three Immortals

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Three Immortals combines space opera and military science fiction. Ideal for fans of Dune by Frank Herbert and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.

Extra-galactics ravaged the Milky Way and humans saw their civilization burn. 2400 years later, humanity has risen again, living by a brutal creed keeping interstellar nations at war.

Kel Chaada is a master tactician who rose from soldier to leader. His life gets crushed when his military successes threaten to unravel the web of lies protecting humanity’s immortal rulers. Betrayed and cast out, Kel flees to the fringes of the galaxy.

He enters the realm of ancient alien civilizations and discovers the legendary powers they have to share. Hostile machines and silicate monsters Kel was taught to fear may be the allies he needs.

Kel returns, leading two alien battle fleets. Will he be a savior or conqueror?

Three Immortals is the first book in the Galacticide trilogy. Each Galacticide novel can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book (no cliffhangers), woven into a larger story arc.

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