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A Science Fiction Universe by
Bert-Oliver Boehmer

Galacticide is a science fiction novel series written by author Bert-Oliver Boehmer
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Why I Write

I am an optimist; therefore, I write science fiction.

Even dystopian future settings assume that we, as a species, made it that far. Yes, we can be terrible as individuals and as a collective, but we have the potential for greatness and, given the binary choice question, “is humankind worth existing?” I can answer without hesitation, “Yes!” I would like for us to reach to the stars, not metaphorically, but truly become an interstellar species, either by advancing our capabilities or ourselves, or both.

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Frank Herbert’s Dune—these books stood out for me while growing up. I loved them for their epic scope and deep world building, but the feelings of wonder they evoked I could never get back during the following decades. I wrote my first novel with the goal of creating what I craved to read. Feedback from classic science fiction lovers has been kind and encouraged me to expand the Galacticide universe storyline. Each book has a complete story arc but is part of a bigger picture.


-Bert-Oliver Boehmer

Galacticide Trilogy
My Books

"Three Immortals has to be among the best ten I’ve ever read." 

Joshua Olokodana

In the press
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